Coronavirus and work

Employee and employer advice on the coronavirus

Version of the 26th of July, 2020

The government measures taken against the coronavirus and the related consequences have an immense impact on the workforce in the Netherlands. A large portion of the Dutch population is now working from home and employees who are still working at work locations are required to maintain distance from one another. This also creates a situation in which increasingly more employers and employees are dealing with anxiety, illness or death in their personal environment.

The advice for employers (version 12th of May) explains what you – as an employee and employer – can do in terms of the protection and safety. You get advice on how you can prevent further spread of the coronavirus through the workplace and what you should do if an employee or colleague becomes infected – or suspects of being infected – from the coronavirus. The advice for the employer, however, examines this problem further. That is why you will also find here information about dealing with reporting sickness and/or absence as a result of the coronavirus, staying healthy while working at home, and attention for grief and mourning.

Removing from the workplace

The suspicion that an employee or his/her family members might be infected with the virus is sufficient for us to remove the employee from the workplace. In case of recurrence, you must be directive and notify that people who show one of the symptoms below, temporarily are not welcomed and are asked not to enter the workplace.

  • People who have mild respiratory problems (a cold, cough, throat pain) and/or fever
  • People who have had close contact with a person with respiratory problems
    Close contact means:
    • Being within two metres of a sick person for 15 minutes
    • Sharing living space with a sick person
    • Physically touching a sick person (such as shaking hands)
  • People who have returned from abroad during the last 14 days

If staying home after close contact is not possible, you will find in the advice for employers additional measures that you can take at the workplace.

Download advice Frequently Asked Questions employers 

Frequently asked questions employees

ArboNed has drawn up an overview of frequently asked questions about the coronavirus for employees. Click here to download the FAQ.

Working from home: tips from our experts

In order to slow down the further spread of the coronavirus, the Dutch government has asked employers to allow their employees to work at home if possible. Download the tips from our experts for healthy and pleasant working from home, so you can share it with your employees.


We have put all measures in an infographic, which you can print for your employees:

Coronavirus measures

Download the infographic here