Improving health

The influence of an unhealthy lifestyle on absence is becoming increasingly clear. Research by TNO has shown that 40% of employers has a policy on lifestyle and exercise in place. Employees with a healthy lifestyle are absent less frequently. While lifestyle is the employee's choice, you can make them aware of their lifestyle. ArboNed can help you.

Risk Identification and Evaluation (RI&E)

A Risk Identification and Evaluation (RI&E) helps you identify all risks so that you can address them in a targeted manner. An up-to-date RI&E including Action Plan is a statutory requirement. We will be pleased to help you with the assessment or with the entire process of implementation and documentation of the RI&E.

Preventative Medical Examination (PME)

A Preventive Medical Examination (PME) is a series of methods used by company doctors to monitor and improve the health of the employees in your organisation. Every employer has the obligation to offer employees a Preventative Medical Examination.