Choose the absence subscription that suits you best

At ArboNed, you indicate how and when we take action. Do you want us to closely monitor developments and take action on the first day an employee is reported sick? Or do you want to wait and see, take control yourself and engage ArboNed at a later stage? You decide for yourself which subscription to take out, so that it optimally suits your company.

Specially for companies with a lot of temporary employees (flex workers)
You retain a grip of the costs of absence
Low starting rate
€ 19
per employee per year
Most popular absence subscription
Control of costs of absence
For employers with mostly permanent staff and short-term absence
€ 36
per employee per year
Advance overview of costs
Maximum security
Costs of most activities covered
€ 139
per employee per year
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More information?

For more information or to discuss options, please contact Sales Support by emailing or calling +31 (0)30 299 62 77.