Absence analysis

Our approach starts with an analysis of absence to clarify the individual and organisation-wide issues. The cause, frequency and duration of absence of your employees determine whether a combination of individual coaching and organisation-wide change is required.

ArboNed can help analyse these numbers. We help you understand the causes of absence and provide support in formulating appropriate absence policy.

What benefits does absence analysis have for you?

We perform absence analyses at any organisational level required. Depending on your preferences, we link absence data from across departments, job groups, ages and diagnoses. This absence analysis provides insight into the numbers per region and sector. You can compare the numbers with your targets. We compare longer term figures to discover trends in your absence.

Benchmarking and predictions

ArboNed has developed a number of absence standardisation models to predict absence. To this end, we use the knowledge and expertise that we have historically collected in our database. The absence objectives resulting from these realistic expectations serve as a starting point for your absence policy. In addition, you can also compare your data with those of other organisations in your region, sector or industry.

Reporting analysis

Reporting on your analysis is geared to your preferences. The report presents the data from your organisation in graphs and tables. You will receive a digital file with which you can create your own graphs. This is the perfect way to gain a detailed understanding of absence in your organisation. If required, the company doctor or an occupational health expert can provide a comprehensive analysis