Absence support

Healthy employees create a healthy workplace. But what if someone should be taken ill nonetheless? And what if they are unfit for work for the longer term? ArboNed can help. By preventing, reducing and solving absence. Using an approach that suits your company. In this section you can read more about the options and services we offer in relation to absence.

Absence subscriptions

How would you like to manage absence? ArboNed offers you a choice. Complete management, a coordinating role or just the steps required under the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act? Make the right choice for your company.

Absence analysis

Numbers tell the tale. A clear analysis of your absence numbers and absence frequency will quickly expose any problems.

Employment expert

Sometimes it is necessary to call in an employment expert. This can help prevent long-term absence and facilitate a responsible return to work.

Employment expert investigation

If an employee is absent for an extended period, there is a good chance you will end up talking to an employment expert. Among other things, they will conduct an employment expert investigation.

Absence support

Your employees are your most important asset. So what do you do when someone drops out? Not everyone or every situation is the same. That is why we have a specific approach for each type of absence.

Company doctor as specialist

You can ask your company doctor for advice and support and help your employees return to work as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Managing absence training

The costs of absence may rise considerably and you are faced with all kinds of questions. During the Absence management training for managers, you will learn how to manage and reduce absence so that you have a better grip of the issue as well as meet all your statutory obligations.

Own-risk bearers ZW and WGA

The government considers absence reduction the responsibility of employers. In terms of the Sickness Benefits Act (ZW) and the Resumption of Work with a Partial Disability Act (WGA), employers can opt for public insurance and support by UWV or to bear their own risk, with or without private insurance.