Risk Identification and Evaluation

The Risk Identification and Evaluation (RI&E) is a mandatory tool for employers to promote health and safety in their company. Every company with employees must determine if and how the work could be dangerous or unhealthy for the employees.

As such, the RI&E is mandatory for all employers (with the exception of independent contractors). The Action Plan is a mandatory part of the RI&E under the Dutch Working Conditions Act. The RI&E must be up to date at all times. In the event of organisational changes, you will have to update your RI&E. The law stipulates that your RI&E is assessed by a certified occupational health and safety service/expert. Companies with fewer than 25 employees that use an accredited RI&E tool do not have to have their RI&E approved. The Inspectorate SZW checks whether the RI&E is up to date, complete and assessed.

An ArboNed RI&E ensures that you meet your statutory obligation and that the working conditions in your company are in order.


Download RI&E fact sheet

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