“I would definitely advise employers to do a PME”

Wijnker Mechanisatie from Breezand attaches a lot of value to vitality and health in the workplace. CEO/owner Jan Wijnker: “The company is VA-keur certified, which means it needs to comply with strict requirements, including various health & safety requirements for staff. I regard that as added value for the company."

Wijnker Mechanisatie

“We started out in 1996 with nothing”, relates Jan Wijnker. "No customers, no parts, no employees. Business was soon booming!” Wijnker employs eight people. Its customer base mainly consists of bulb growers and industry.


A number of years ago, Wijnker Mechanisatie was VA-keur certified. Jan Wijnker: "I really think it represents added value for the company. Our Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE) is up to date and all our employees have had a Preventive Medical Examination (PME).”

PME as benchmark

“I would definitely advise employers to offer their employees a PME. It gives you a benchmark and for the individual it’s nice to know where they stand in terms of their health. Plus the guys enjoyed doing the PME."

Eyes and ears

At Wijnker, the focus is on eyes and ears. “By carrying out periodic PMEs, we can see whether the work is potentially causing auditory or visual impairment. If the PME reveals that their eyes or ears have deteriorated, we can establish the cause. Which is important for our operational management and for our people.”

ArboNed close at hand

The mechanisation company has been an ArboNed customer right from the start. "ArboNed was within easy reach, which was great", says Wijnker. “It's brilliant that everything is taken care of when an employee calls in sick. When one of our employees had heart problems and was absent for an extended period as a result, I was kept fully informed. Which gives you peace of mind.” He remains satisfied with ArboNed. “If I had to give them a score out of 10, it would be 9+.”

Jan Wijnker
Jan Wijnker


PME Personal

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