Absence support

You gratefully use the knowledge and expertise of your employees. But what if one of your best people should be taken ill? You will not only miss the experience, but you will also have to do more work with fewer people. That could cost a lot of time and money.

Now just imagine: Your absent employees reintegrate more quickly and permanently, in addition to significant absence-related cost savings. This can be put into effect with our demonstrably effective unique data-based absence support approach. Individual focus is pivotal in this regard.

What type of absence support suits you best?

You choose how you want to tackle absence. Do you prefer to manage the entire process, would you rather want us to play a coordinating role, or do you need a more aggressive approach than prescribed by the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act? We will be glad to help you make the right choice for your organisation. Read more about our absence subscriptions here.


In this case, an individual approach aimed at sustainable recovery is essential. After all, no two people are the same. Because almost a third of long-term absence is related to mental health issues, ArboNed specialises in psychological absence. We determine the approach for each individual employee, with a single point of contact at ArboNed. We offer expert and active support in your approach of absence, help you with legally required steps under the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act, and with optimisation of your health and safety policy, for instance by means of preventative actions. Because the causes of absence could be personal, we look beyond just work and the relationship with the employer.

Absence support in practice?

After receiving a sickness notification, our rehabilitation services begin with an intake with the employee via a personalised digital (or paper) questionnaire. Using this innovative tool – and thanks to over 25 years of experience in research, a wealth of data, supplemented with information from the employee and medical and other guidelines – ArboNed can:

  • Predict whether an employee will be absent for a few days or a longer period.
  • Provide a tailored recommendation as to which follow-up steps aimed at employability will be the most effective for the employee in question at which time.

Right from the start, the personalised absence support is focused on a rapid, responsible and lasting return to work or finding another suitable solution. 

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*If you do not opt for our digital questionnaire, the questionnaire will be completed by our employee. In that case, you will not benefit from the data-driven recommendation.

How does it work?

Intake via digital questionnaire

When we receive a sickness report, we send the employee a link to our user-friendly, tailored digital questionnaire by e-mail and text message. It contains questions about the absence, such as expected duration and type of symptoms. Based on the answers, the employee receives a number of follow-up questions tailored to their specific situation.  

  • For example, is the person waiting for an operation? And what about their sleep patterns and their work/home situation in the event of stress issues? This gives us a clear picture of the employee, a better understanding of what the problem is and how we can best help you and your employee. In addition, the digital questionnaire contains a number of voluntary questions about lifestyle and (currently) the coronavirus. 
  • The questionnaire is accessible, easy to read and quick to complete online. Usually the questionnaire is short. If the situation is more complex, the employee will need to answer more questions. The total time to complete the form can therefore vary from 2 to 20 minutes.
  • For this purpose, we will use the e-mail address or mobile phone number we received from the employer at the time of the sickness notification. So check carefully that the details are correct when you make a sickness notification.

Predicting short or long absence

Identifying long-term absence at an early stage

With the information from the digital questionnaire – based on over 25 years of experience, a wealth of data, algorithms and scientifically grounded models – we can calculate how high the risk of long-term absence is. 

risk of long-term absence

Quick return to work

With the help of our regular contact, we will establish what is needed in order to enable the employee to return to work. If it is clear that the person will only be absent for a few days and will be able to resume work quickly (for example, if they have flu or a minor injury), we will not contact them again. The employer will be notified that the employee will be resuming work. The employer must still report the employee’s recovery. In this case, no further support is required from ArboNed and you will be spared any unnecessary expenses.


In the event of a conflict, we will contact you as soon as possible to look for a solution together. In such cases, acting quickly can prevent unnecessary suffering and long-term absence.

Risk of long-term absence

If there is a risk of long-term absence, we will take targeted action in order to speed up the return to work by providing the right support, delivered by the right professional, at the right time. The company doctor always retains final responsibility. In this way, we work with the employee and the employer to achieve a lasting return to work. 

Data-driven recommendation for consulting hour

In preparation for the consultation hour, ArboNed provides the professional with the required information about the specific situation from the digital questionnaire and the tailored recommendation. After the consultation hour, in which the employee provides a personal explanation, they feed back their verdict and advice in the form of a problem analysis and recommendation. 

Information for the employer

As the employer/manager, we naturally involve you actively in the absence support from start to finish. We will keep you informed, while always respecting the privacy of your employees and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Unique approach to mental health-related absence

Over a third of long-term absence is caused by psychological symptoms. If one of your employees suffers from burn-out, you are likely to have to do without them for around nine months. Yet in many cases, long-term absence caused by stress and psychological symptoms can be prevented with timely intervention. 

If the digital questionnaire reveals that your employee’s absence is due to psychological symptoms, we will send them a supplementary digital questionnaire. This will contain targeted questions about their medical history and relevant circumstances around their psychological symptoms. After completing the supplementary questionnaire, the employee will receive an invitation to the consultation hour within five working days. In this way, ArboNed offers your employee the right, tailored support more quickly. As the employer/manager, your regular contact will keep you informed of progress.

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Absence insurance with income insurer

Have you taken out absence insurance with one of the income insurance companies with which we work? Then we offer you benefits and administrative convenience in the shape of a combined package.